Unleash Your Inner Rebel with the RTWR MTRS "1969" Riding Jersey

Unleash Your Inner Rebel with the RTWR MTRS "1969" Riding Jersey - Rottweiler Motors

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Vintage Style, Modern Performance

Take a trip back in time with the RTWR MTRS "1969" Riding Jersey from Rottweiler Motors. This special jersey is inspired by the iconic motorcycle riders from the 1960s and 1970s era. It captures the wild, free-spirited days when motorcyclists ruled the open roads on their bikes.

Our RTWR MTRS "1969" Riding Jersey is designed for serious, intense motorcycle riding sessions. Whether you ride a scrambler, tracker, or any other bike, this jersey will give you the authentic experience of riding free as the 60s and 70s-era riders did. Just slip it on and feel the freedom and rebellion flow through you as you twist the throttle.

"1969" Riding Jersey - Rottweiler Motors

Advanced Fabric Technology

The "1969" jersey isn't just about looking cool in a vintage style. It uses advanced performance fabrics and technologies to be highly functional for today's riders. The entire jersey is made of 100% polyester infused with CoolMax technology. This special fabric wicks away moisture and dries incredibly quickly.

If you've ever worn a regular cotton riding jersey, you know how soaked in sweat it can get on a long hot ride. Our jersey solves that problem by using the CoolMax polyester which pulls that sweat away from your body so it can evaporate rapidly. This keeps you dry and comfortable instead of sticky and wet.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Another benefit of polyester over cotton is how easy it is to clean and care for. Just toss it in the washing machine when you get home, and it'll be fresh as new for your next riding day. Cotton jerseys can pick up stains, odors, and wrinkles over time. But our RTWR MTRS "1969" Riding Jersey always looks brand new thanks to the polyester's stain and wrinkle resistance.

"1969" Riding Jersey - Rottweiler Motors

Comparison to Regular Riding Jerseys

So how does the "1969" compare to a normal riding jersey? Regular jerseys are usually made of cotton which gets soaked with sweat on long rides. They can be a hassle to clean up too, often requiring special treatment to get rid of funk and grime. And they certainly don't look as incredibly cool as the "1969's" vintage aesthetic.

Versatility for All Riding Conditions

The "1969" riding jersey gives you a classic iconic style combined with modern technical fabrics designed for high-performance riding. It keeps you dry, comfortable, and looking fresh while paying homage to the legendary rebel riders of decades past.

Whether you ride on-road or off-road, this jersey is perfect for any serious cyclist. The breathable CoolMax polyester is also great for dealing with dust and grit on trails. Just give it a quick wash when you get home, and it'll be ready to wear again on your next adventure into the wild.

Join the Legacy

Suit up in the "1969" jersey from Rottweiler Motors and experience motorcycling the way it was meant to be – just you, your bike, and the boundless open road ahead. Join the legacy of riders from a celebrated era and make your own mark on the modern motorcycle scene.

 "1969" Riding Jersey - Rottweiler Motors

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