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Scram Africa 2023 - Stage 7 (Afourer - Assilah)

Scram Africa 2023 - Stage 7 (Afourer - Assilah) - Rottweiler Motors

Philippe Hänni |

Last stage - 483 kilometers to the north

Today we face the last and longest stage of Scram Africa 2023, which takes us 483 kilometers north, right into the heart of Assilah, a city famous for its artists and bon vivants. The city pulsates with arts and crafts, and we are excited to experience this creative paradise!

Today starts early. Our route takes us through the main and side streets, past the vibrant town of Beni Mellal. On the way, we decide to skip the off-road section to spare my aching shoulder.

We stop off in Beni Mellal, the urban heart of the region, and treat ourselves to an extensive break with chicken skewers – an unexpected all-you-can-eat experience that keeps us waiting longer than planned, but also amuses us.

The journey continues through Morocco’s diverse landscape. We reach Aïn el Aouda, a town that immediately reminds me of past adventures – the Land Rovers were provisionally repaired here last year.

After a short rest and refreshment, we continue our journey and finally reach our destination, Assilah, via the highway. The aching shoulder becomes a minor matter as we reach the picturesque town. Some of us take the opportunity to continue the tradition and ride our motorcycles along the beach – a perfect end to Scram Africa 2023.

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