Scram Africa 2023 - Stage 6 (Dades - Afourer)

Scram Africa 2023 - Stage 6 (Dades - Afourer) - Rottweiler Motors

Philippe Hänni |

Between impressive scenery and witnesses of an earthquake: the journey through the Dade Valley

Scram Africa 2023 has held many surprises for me so far, and today should be no different. Despite my anticipation and desire to get back on my bike, my injured shoulder wouldn’t let me ride. But the adventure does not stop, and so the opportunity arose to experience the stage from a different angle.

The Land Rover - A special vehicle

Thanks to Rob and Dave, I got to spend the day in the Land Rover. However, this was no ordinary Land Rover! The vehicle, rebuilt by Makher (Dave is the owner), features a BMW engine that puts a whopping 350 horsepower to the pavement.

Through the picturesque Dade Valley

Our journey took us through the famous Dade Valley, a place that fascinates not only with its impressive nature, but also with its geological history. We stopped at several places to photograph the scenery and take in the beauty of this valley.

But the real challenge of the day were the two passes we had to cross. Both reach an altitude of about 3000 meters and revealed the scars of a recent earthquake. Huge chunks of stone lay everywhere, guard rails and signs were torn up, and in some places the road had completely disappeared, makeshift replaced with gravel.

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