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Scram Africa 2023 - Stage 1 (Nador - Rekkam Camp)

Scram Africa 2023 - Stage 1 (Nador - Rekkam Camp) - Rottweiler Motors

Philippe Hänni |

Briiiiiiiefing! - First stage, first off-road of the trips

Let’s start with the first stage. Of course, the morning briefing at 7 a.m. must not be missed. At this point we are told where we should refuel and fill up with water.

The destination of today’s stage is Rekkam Camp in the Sahara Desert. From the camp it is only a stone’s throw to Algeria – but we stay (as far as I know) in Morocco.

Everything had started promisingly, the asphalt felt like a good old acquaintance under my wheels. But then came noon and with it the first offroad part. Imagine: Me, an asphalt cowboy, suddenly in the wild west of gravel and sand. And yes, as in any good western, there was the first showdown with the sand. Result: I was lying in the dust. Fortunately without serious consequences for me or my bike. I was properly breaded!

But, as it is in life, sometimes it comes thick and fast. First a sandstorm (yes, a real one!) and then rain. As in the cliché, I slipped and fell. This time, not only my pride and joy, but also my turn signal (you don’t need it here anyway) and my gearshift were on the blink. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I suffered a shoulder injury. The tendons, I think. Ouch! The team in Fifi the jeep came to the rescue with proper tools and bent my shifter back into place – the last few miles to camp seemed endless!

Note to me for next time – take a break when tired, even if it’s only 20 km to the camp!

The night was then… well, let’s say, interesting. A wild dog decided to entertain the camp with its endless barking. And then there was the loud snoring. Some suspected me of being the camp’s secret snorer. But guys, really, it wasn’t me! As if the pain in my shoulder wasn’t enough, I also had to come up with defenses for my supposed snoring.

Sleep? Wrong! But as the saying goes, tomorrow is another day. And who knows, maybe I’ll be hailed as a hero who keeps going despite all the odds. Or at least as the guy who doesn’t snore.


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