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Relive the 1980s with the RTWR MTRS “1984” Riding Jersey

Relive the 1980s with the RTWR MTRS “1984” Riding Jersey - Rottweiler Motors

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The RTWR MTRS “1984” Riding Jersey (White) isn't just a piece of gear; it's a tribute to the legendary bikers and the rough, exhilarating spirit of the 1980s Dakar rallies. This jersey is more than something you wear; it takes you back to a time when motorcycling was all about adventure and freedom.

Inspired by 1980s Motorcycle Heroes

Inspired by the motorcycle heroes of the 1980s, our “1984” Riding Jersey captures the essence of a time when bikers embraced the wild and rugged landscapes, pushing their machines to the limit. It's a tribute to those who rode not for mere transportation but for the sheer thrill of the journey. The jersey's design reflects their bold and daring spirit, making it perfect for riders today who want to relive the golden age of motorcycling.

Made for Tough Rides

Our “1984” Riding Jersey is made for long and tough rides on your Scrambler. Whether you're navigating dusty trails or conquering hard rally tracks, this jersey stands up to the challenge. Its robust construction ensures durability, while the thoughtful design offers comfort and flexibility, essential for long rides. The fabric is breathable, helping you stay cool under the most demanding conditions, and the fit is tailored to allow maximum movement without compromising protection.

“1984” Riding Jersey (WHITE) - Rottweiler Motors

Feel the Spirit of Dakar

The Dakar rallies of the 1980s were more than just races. They were tests of endurance, skill, and determination. The “1984” Riding Jersey captures this spirit. It lets you feel the wild freedom and energy of those historic events. Wearing this jersey is like stepping into the shoes of those brave riders who faced the toughest terrains with determination and a love for adventure.

Stylish and Functional Design

The “1984” Riding Jersey is not only tough and comfortable but also stylish. The white color gives it a classic, timeless look, and the unique graphics pay tribute to the 1980s style. It's a jersey that looks good both on and off the bike. The attention to detail in its design ensures it performs well and makes a statement.

“1984” Riding Jersey (WHITE) - Rottweiler Motors

Relive the Golden Era

The 1980s were a special time in motorcycling, marked by exciting rallies and iconic riders. The RTWR MTRS “1984” Riding Jersey lets you relive those great days. It celebrates the past while being perfect for the modern rider who values both heritage and performance. Wearing this jersey takes you back to a time when motorcycling was raw, exciting, and full of adventure.



The RTWR MTRS “1984” Riding Jersey (White) is more than just a jersey; it connects you to the past and celebrates the most adventurous era of motorcycling. It is designed for those who seek not just to ride but to experience the thrill, freedom, and spirit of the legendary Dakar rallies. Wear this jersey and ride on, embracing the legacy of the 1980s motorcycle heroes.

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